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Links and Things

Reminder: If you have a Koei related game to promote, you can do so at Musou Promo (livejournal) and Musou Promo (dreamwidth). Our affiliates have been updated to include Koei related tumblrs, LJ comms, DW comms, DeviantArt and Fanpop. If your site isn't listed, feel free to do so on the promo comms or the affiliates link.

Also, all Koei games discussions and fanworks are allowed here.

  • Please tag your post accordingly.

  • Remember to put fic behind a LJ cut.

  • Site sources when posting news.

New Friending Meme: koei_add_me koei_add_me</lj>(modeled after other add me comms I've created for spn, tvd, star trek, sherlock, and heroes here) / [community profile] koei_add_me. You can find your intro posts here if you want to copy them over.

Have fun and take care. Enjoy the community.
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